Choosing Watercolor Paper-Hot, Cold and Rough pressed

I often get this question: “What paper do you use?” Upon further questioning, I often realize that the person should really have asked: “What paper do you recommend for x y and z?” Watercolor paper comes in many different forms and with many different capabilities. In this post, I will share all of my knowledgeContinue reading “Choosing Watercolor Paper-Hot, Cold and Rough pressed”

Supplies To Start Painting with Watercolors

By Karina Gonzalez Are you thinking about starting to paint with watercolors and have no idea where to start? Keep reading to discover all the supplies necessary to begin painting with watercolors today. Some of these might already be laying around your house! Paper: Paper is one of the most important watercolor supplies for anyContinue reading “Supplies To Start Painting with Watercolors”

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